Apex Legends The Old Ways Lore Event is Now Live

The Old Ways, the latest Apex Legends event, is now live in-game, giving players access to Duos, King’s Canyon, and a new town takeover with AI enemies, among other things. The event is also Respawn’s first “Lore Event,” a new format which deviates somewhat from its more familiar Collection Events. Now that it has launched, The Old Ways will be live in-game for the next two weeks, until the 21st of April.

What’s New in Apex Legends’ The Old Ways Event

The Old Ways is the latest new event of Apex Legends Season 4, and the first Lore Event in the game’s history. Where Collection Events feature a range of new event cosmetics which players can get from event packs, the new Lore Event cosmetics are only available in two ways; firstly, by buying them directly from the in-game shop, and secondly, from the event-exclusive prize track. Like the game’s last two events, The Old Ways features a prize track which players can fill by completing daily challenges.

Apex Legends The Old Ways Now Available 2

The biggest feature of The Old Way is Bloodhound’s Trials, a new town takeover for the World’s Edge map. This new map area allows players to face off against waves of AI enemies. While risky, the rewards for completing the trial are probably worth the danger. Plus, this new area isn’t just available during the event. Like previous town takeovers, Bloodhound’s Trials will be a permanent addition to World’s Edge.

In fact, The Old Ways is defined more by permanent additions than by what’s available during the event itself. In addition to the Trials, the event has brought the Duos game mode back, along with King’s Canyon; both will be available on a permanent basis once the event ends, with King’s Canyon featuring on a new map rotation system. The Old Ways will be live for the next two weeks, until the 21st of April. During that time, the direct-purchase shop will be offering both new cosmetics and returning ones from last year’s Legendary Hunt event. The inventory will be changing every couple of days, so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s on offer.