New Apex Legends Season 4 World’s Edge Map Changes Revealed

Apex Legends Season 4, Assimilation, will be launching tomorrow. Ahead of that launch, Respawn has released details of what fans can expect from the upcoming Apex Legends World’s Edge map changes. The map is getting a significant rework, with new additions like the Planet Harvester and a new skybox, the latter of which will be casting a fiery glow across World’s Edge.

The Apex Legends World’s Edge Map Changes in Season 4

Perhaps the biggest new addition to the World’s Edge map in Season 4 is the Planet Harvester. This huge new machine has been built by Hammond Robotics, the corporation which Revenant has a vendetta against, and emits a giant red beam into the sky. This beam can be seen almost anywhere on World’s Edge, helping players to keep track of where they are. The Planet Harvester will be taking the place of the Fuel Depot location. However, while it will be an interesting new area to explore, it has also had a huge impact on the rest of the World’s Edge map.

Apex Legends World's Edge Map Changes in Season 4

The Planet Harvester seems to have caused volcanic activity all around the map, creating several new magma-filled canyons. One of these has even split the Capital City down the middle. This area is now known as ‘Fragment East’ and ‘Fragment West,’ with a vast burning fault running between them. However, the volcanic rifts aren’t quite as fatal as they look. Players who fall in will actually float out thanks to the updraft of heated air, allowing them to reach the other side. According to Respawn, this is because fatal falls were; “too punishing”. However, it isn’t entirely without risk. The heat of the lava below still inflicts 25 damage on anybody who falls in.

Among the other Apex Legends World’s Edge map changes is the addition of Survey Camp, an all-new POI. Located between the Epicenter and Skyhook, this camp offers players another site to find loot. This should reduce pressure on other locations around the map. It also includes several of another important new addition when it comes to loot; Weapon Racks. These new racks are guaranteed to hold weapons and can be found in several of the Survey Camp buildings. Although they won’t have the best-quality gear, players can at least guarantee getting a gun, unlike more random loot crates.