Apple Arcade to Shift Focus Towards Engagement

Apple Arcade has been around for just about a year, but now it’s taking an interesting turn that’s making headlines. Though the word “arcade” suggests an abundance of games, Apple appears to be getting more exclusive with its content.

A focus on engagement could be the right step for Arcade to place itself as a top gaming platform. 

The Initial Shift

With the release of iOS 13 in the summer of 2019, Apple Arcade came with it in a big way. It was Apple’s chance at entering the gaming world — a growing industry that’s likely to be worth over $300 billion by 2025. 

However, it seems as though Apple hasn’t seen its desired results with Arcade. Despite having over 100 games on the platform, none have pulled through as groundbreaking projects. On its subscription basis, you can pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. With the need for a breakthrough and the need to retain subscribers, Apple is shifting its focus.

Engagement is the keyword here. Engagement keeps people entertained, playing for hours. It keeps people subscribing, establishing Arcade as a gaming giant. 

Recently, in a Bloomberg report, Apple shows how its shift towards engagement came about. Arcade originally had various deals with different developers. Now, however, the big company has ended those deals. 

Instead of working with these developers to create more, smaller games, Apple wants to focus on games that will make an impact on subscribers. Keeping people engaged and coming back for more is the goal. If Apple can accomplish more engagement, it could be the key to Arcade’s success. 

What It Means

Apple Arcade is available on Apple devices. You can play it on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. Despite this widespread availability, though, it doesn’t seem to be the hit that Apple is aiming for. Without significant impact, it won’t reach the standards of other platforms. 

For instance, Amazon, Google and Facebook are now stepping into the gaming industry — it’s becoming more and more competitive. Apple needs to keep up.

However, as the company shifts its focus to engagement, the canceled deals with developers have consequences. Though Apple paid them for their time and work, they won’t receive the revenue they would have if Apple published their games. In general, this move would hurt finances. During a pandemic, though, the results could be worse. 

Apple Arcade will likely be fine regardless of how engaging the games are. Though, what does an engaging game look like? You may have your personal favorites, so think about why they top your list. Do they have open-world exploration? Do they offer something that no other games have? 

Often, the most engaging games go above and beyond others, last a while, have dynamic controls, and most importantly, are fun. If Apple can pump out a few games with these factors as a foundation, you can bet that at least one will reach mainstream success.

Plus, Arcade’s no ads or in-app purchases paired with its two-month free trial are immensely tempting features.

Play Away

The gaming industry is getting competitive. Companies are going to try to go above and beyond to give you the best, most thrilling games possible. In the end, gamers are the winners — playing away all the new games. As Apple rolls out new, more engaging games for Arcade, will you be testing them out?