Arcade Noon: Far Cry 5’s New Live Event Starts Today

Every week on Tuesday, Ubisoft starts a new Live Event for Far Cry 5. Last week saw players tasked with hunting wolves with bows for the White Collar Job event. That event followed on from Pickup Blowup, where players had to destroy cult vehicles with explosives. This week, the mission is decidedly less deadly; Ubisoft wants Far Cry players to use the game’s arcade machines.

If you are unfamiliar with Far Cry 5’s Live Events, they work like this: each week, Ubisoft sets players a challenge. Completing this challenge a set number of times earns XP and monetary rewards. Completing the task a specific higher number of times earns even more XP and cash, plus a special event reward. Finally, if the community as a whole completes the task a certain number of times, every player is awarded with a special event reward, which is typically an outfit.

Last week’s White Collar Job tasked Far Cry players with hunting the game’s wolves using a bow and arrow. Those players who collected 10 collars were rewarded with a new, absurd weapon called the Shovel Launcher. Pickup Blowup’s event reward was a vehicle.

Arcade Noon

For this week, Arcade Noon is tasking players with using Far Cry 5’s arcade machines, which are scattered throughout the world. Using arcade machines 20 times will earn you 100 XP and 50 dollars. If you use the machines 40 times then you will be rewarded with an extra 100 XP and the M9 “Red Flag” Pistol. Although the weapon may not be as crazy as last week’s event, every live event reward so far has been worth acquiring.

If the community uses arcade machines at least one million times, every player will be rewarded with a new outfit. This week, the outfit is styled after the uniform worn by the Deputies Hudson and Pratt. Arcade Noon is active now and will run until the 15th of May.