How Battlefield 5 Firestorm Vehicles and the New Fuel System Work

One of the biggest distinguishing features of the upcoming Battlefield 5 Firestorm mode is the inclusion of vehicles. Of course, other battle royale games have featured vehicles to one degree or another. However, DICE may well be setting a new precedent for the size and power of the Battlefield 5 Firestorm vehicles. These range from simple cars and even a tractor to armoured trucks and fully-fledged tanks. In order to better balance these vehicles in the Firestorm environment, players will have to contend with two new mechanics; finite vehicle ammunition and fuel.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Vehicles: The New Ammunition and Fuel Systems

According to DICE, the decision to introduce these two new mechanics were intentional limiting factors to stop vehicles from becoming too unstoppable; “Because death is permanent in Firestorm,” explains DICE“vehicles are balanced by making fuel, and in some cases ammunition, as an additional resource needed to successfully operate them. This way, no one player can dominate the entirety of Halvøy with a roaming tank, a squad who manages their inventory together is rewarded, and Firestorm won’t become just a world of tanks.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Vehicles Fuel

When players find a vehicle around the Halvøy map, that vehicle will already be fuelled. However, it will eventually run out of fuel, bringing it to a halt. Players can recover Jerry Cans among the map’s scattered loot and use these to refuel vehicles. In a similar fashion, vehicles and towable weapons in Firestorm have finite ammunition. As such, players will need to find more light and heavy vehicle ammo scattered around the map to stock back up.

At present, it’s unknown how common or rare these Jerry Cans and vehicle ammo will be. Given the continually-encroaching ring of fire which surrounds the map; there will no doubt be times when players have to abandon their vehicle when it runs out of fuel and they don’t have time to scavenge for more.