Battlefield V Leak Points to Possible Closed Alpha This Month

Battlefield V is one of the most hotly-anticipated titles of the year, especially now that we’ve seen more of the game following E3 2018. Folks are extremely interested in finding out when and how they can get their hands on the game early, or at the very least be given free rein inside the title to check out things they’re curious about. So a recent tweet from Jim Hejl, principal software engineer at EA, that claims there will be a Closed Alpha that we’ll hear about later this month has people going ballistic. For good reason, of course.

The tweet has since been deleted, since it likely went up too early, but thankfully it’s been saved via Reddit for posterity. It read the following, in full:

“There will be a Closed Alpha for Battlefield V. (You’ll hear more about it later this month) I will have a block of codes and we’re gonna have a “Content Creation Contest” to give them away!! ⚡️Prepare to get creative ⚡️”

Battlefield V Night

Of course, we don’t have anything else to go by at this time since the tweet went up early or potentially in error, but this means you might want to be prepared for a possible contest to nab a Battlefield V Closed Alpha code at any time, especially since there’s hard evidence from someone who’s actually working on the game and is a part of the development team. It looks like you could potentially be playing the game as early as this month, so you might want to take some time and brush up on your Battlefield skills in the meantime.

If there is indeed a Closed Alpha on its way, will you be participating? What are you looking forward to trying out most in the upcoming shooter? Let us know, because it may very well be happening soon.