New Borderlands 3 Trailer is Their Most Psychedelic and Bizarre Yet

So, after days of speculation, Gearbox has revealed the purpose of their “Celebration of Togetherness“. While Randy Pitchford did dash hopes that it would be a cross-play reveal yesterday, the studio did still reveal a new Borderlands 3 trailer. In fact, the trailer now stands uncontested as the most bizarre, and certainly the most psychedelic, that they have released so far!

So Happy Together: The Latest Borderlands 3 Trailer

Featuring the song “So Happy Together,” the new trailer transitions through a variety of explosive combat scenes, mostly in slow-motion, as the four new Vault Hunters dance and cavort through processions of psychos and chests which explode with golden loot. Filled with roses and bizarre scene shifts, the trailer certainly gave fans a strange new look at Borderlands 3.

Unfortunately for those who were speculating about the event, it doesn’t seem that the trailer had any specific purpose. Prior to the reveal, there was speculation that the trailer would focus on some aspect of multiplayer; perhaps its split-screen functionality or cross-play. In the end, the trailer didn’t focus on anything so specific. Although it did put the four Vault Hunters centre-stage, it wasn’t a gameplay trailer. In fact, it didn’t reveal anything new per se. Instead, the new Borderlands 3 trailer gave fans another bizarre look at the upcoming game and its setting.

Borderlands 3 Trailer So Happy Together

However, the game’s release is now only a couple of months’ away. As such, fans don’t have long to wait before they can get their hands on the game for themselves. With split-screen set to feature and streaming integration provided through the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch extension, multiplayer and live-streaming in the new game is likely to be more developed than ever before. Plus, players will have access to a more developed duelling mode, and the ability to turn instanced loot on and off in-game. Thus far, Gearbox’s marketing for Borderlands 3 has been practically non-stop. As such, it seems likely that there will be plenty more announcements to come before release.