What is Borderlands 3’s “Celebration of Togetherness”?

In the last few months, Gearbox certainly hasn’t been shy about showing fans glimpses of Borderlands 3. Indeed, while many other developers waited until E3, Gearbox released several trailers prior to the event and even showed off gameplay. Now, it seems that the studio has another reveal on the way. The latest Borderlands 3 teaser came in the form of an image shared online, teasing an upcoming “Celebration of Togetherness.”

A New Borderlands 3 Teaser: The “Celebration of Togetherness”

The image was recently shared on social media sites by Gearbox. In full, it reads; “Please join us for a Celebration of Togetherness, Tuesday, July the Sixteenth, Seven O’Clock in the Morning Pacific Time, at Borderlands Dot Com”. Framed in the manner of a formal wedding invitation, it even adds; “Like, Comment, and Share in Lieu of Gifts.”

Of course, this being Borderlands, there’s no doubt that this “Celebration” is likely to be heavily tongue-in-cheek. The reveal is set to take place in two days’ time. However, it’s still very unclear what Gearbox is actually planning to do. Presumably, given the effort that the studio is going with this Borderlands 3 teaser, it will be an opportunity for Gearbox to reveal something new about the game. The “Celebration of Togetherness,” could be a reference to cooperative multiplayer, so perhaps Gearbox is planning to release a multiplayer gameplay trailer?

Borderlands 3 Teaser Celebration of Togetherness 2

When it comes to multiplayer, Borderlands 3 does actually have one particular feature which truly sets it apart from the competition. After all, Gearbox is planning to include split-screen multiplayer in the upcoming game; a very rare feature for the current gaming market. Local/split-screen multiplayer has been almost entirely phased out at this stage in favour of online-only multiplayer. As such, the reveal could be a full reveal of this particular feature. Some fans are also hoping that it could be a reveal that Borderlands 3 will feature cross-play of some sort. For now, fans will have to speculate and wait patiently for the morning of the 16th.