New Borderlands 3 Trailer Showcases the Game’s Enormous Scale

Earlier today, Gearbox livestreamed the first reveal of Borderlands 3 gameplay footage, giving fans their first chance to see the upcoming game in action. As the footage only showed some small parts of the game, the studio ended the event by releasing a new trailer. That Borderlands 3 trailer focuses on showcasing the sheer size and scale of the game.

The Latest Borderlands 3 Trailer Reveals a Ton of New Content

In terms of format, this latest Borderlands 3 trailer isn’t much different from the two that have come before; the trailer rapidly cuts from scene to scene, showcasing mostly in-game moments while avoiding cut-scenes and dialogue. However, when it comes to the trailer’s actual content, it was very significant. It did reveal a lot of new areas, enemies, and more about the game’s setting, some of which appeared in the gameplay reveal, but most of which is totally new.

It’s currently unknown why Gearbox has so far seemingly shied away from showing any of the game’s dialogue. While the trailers so far have certainly been action-packed, Borderlands is also a series known for its sense of humour and character design; something which we have yet to see much of in the upcoming instalment. In fact, it does seem somewhat intentional. It could well be that Gearbox is focusing on gameplay elements now while keeping story and character details under wraps. Perhaps fans will get to see a story trailer at E3, for example.

Borderlands 3 Trailer Released Following Gameplay Reveal 2

In the meantime, fans will definitely get to see more of the game. Gearbox has provided access to Borderlands 3 to a wide variety of streamers, who will soon be live-streaming footage of the game well ahead of its September release. It’s currently unknown just how much of the game will be shown in this manner, though it’s likely to only be a fraction of the whole.