How Ranks and Progression Will Work in Call of Duty: Mobile

Later this year, Activision will publish Call of Duty: Mobile, a major mobile endeavour for the series currently in development at Tencent Games. The free-to-play title offers fans a first-person multiplayer and battle royale experience; putting the title in direct competition with Fortnite on mobile. Recently the Activision Games Blog published an interview with Activision’s VP of Mobile, Chris Plummer, about the upcoming game. In addition to revealing information about its Battle Pass and in-game currencies, Plummer spoke about how the Call of Duty: Mobile ranks and progression will work.

How Call of Duty: Mobile Ranks and Progression Work

“We put a lot of thought and testing into our progression system in Call of Duty: Mobile,” says Plummer; “we looked at how gamers like to play on mobile, and also what Call of Duty fans are familiar with. Leveling up works differently in Call of Duty: Mobile in that ranks are associated with your progress in ranked play.”

Call of Duty Mobile Ranks and Progression Details

Essentially, players will start at the rank of Rookie and then, depending on their performance in the game’s ranked mode, they can rise up to Legendary. Progression through the Call of Duty: Mobile ranks is based on rank points, which players earn by competing in ranked matches. These will be awarded based on personal performance, not by whether your team wins or loses. Additionally, the ranks will offer players in-game rewards to incentivise players to rise higher.

“The experience should feel familiar to Call of Duty players in that certain items in the game can only be earned through leveling up your player level which occurs by just playing the game,” explains Plummer; “These items include weapons of different tiers, scorestreaks, loadout unlocks, grenades, and perks.”

Players will be able to use weapon XP cards to boost the speed at which their weapons upgrade. Otherwise, weapons will upgrade the more you use them in matches. Upgrading your weapon will unlock new attachments and weapon perks. (Although the latter is only applicable for rare or better weapons.) Players will also be able to unlock new weapon classes as they level up. However, this is typically something which players will do early in the game.