Carlos Correa MLB The Show 20 May Monthly Awards: How to Get His Diamond Card

Shortstop Carlos Correa has a brand new Diamond card as part of the MLB The Show 20 May Monthly Awards. The Houston Astros star is the top reward for the program which also includes several other Diamond level players along the way. We’ve got the latest details on Correa’s new card as well as how to complete the May Monthly Awards to snag his item and others.

Carlos Correa MLB The Show 20 Diamond

The new Carlos Correa MLB The Show 20 Diamond item was officially unveiled on Thursday, May 21 as part of May’s Monthly Awards. The card is a 95 overall based on his May 2017 performance including a .385 average, seven home runs, and 26 RBIs. Correa’s card has Diamond hitting and Defense along with some great attributes.

Those include 101 Contact Right, 96 Contact Left, 99 Power Right, 96 Discipline, 96 Control, and 94 Durability. For his Defense there’s 97 Arm, 80 Fielding, 80 Accuracy, and 65 Speed. Here’s a look at the full item:

mlb the show 20 carlos correa attributes

Correa’s new Diamond item includes six Quirks on it. There’s Hitting Machine, Bomber, Walker, Cannon, Sniper, and Pressure Cooker. In addition to shortstop, gamers can put him at second or third base.

While some gamers probably wanted to see Josh Bell instead of another shortstop, it’s hard to argue against this being a fantastic card for free.

How to get the Correa Diamond card

To get that Carlos Correa MLB The Show 20 item, you’ll need to enter into the May Monthly Awards. This program includes Moments and Missions where you’ll rack up points and rewards. Among those rewards are MLB The Show Stubs, packs, and other player cards shown below.

  • 10 May points – 500 Stubs
  • 15 May points – MLB The Show pack
  • 20 May points – 1,000 Stubs
  • 25 May points – Brandon Crawford 86 OVR Diamond
  • 30 May points – 2 MLB The Show packs
  • 35 May points – 1,000 Stubs
  • 40 May points – 3 MLB The Show packs
  • 45 May points – 1,500 Stubs
  • 50 May points – Hector Neris 87 OVR Diamond
  • 55 May points – MLB The Show pack
  • 60 May points – 1,500 Stubs
  • 65 May points – 3 MLB The Show packs
  • 70 May points – 2,000 Stubs
  • 75 May points – Derek Dietrich 88 OVR Diamond
  • 80 May points – 2 MLB The Show 20 packs
  • 85 May points – 2,000 Stubs
  • 90 May points – Alex Wood 90 OVR Diamond
  • 95 May points – Yellow Lightning Bat Skin
  • 100 May Points – Carlos Correa 95 OVR Diamond

The May Monthly Awards open with Brandon Crawford Moments where you’ll be able to play through five different Crawford moments. Each is worth three May points. There are also a total of five Missions involving using specific players on your Diamond Dynasty team, or going against the Giants. These are worth a total of 40 May points.

You’ll then move on to the next stage, which involves Hector Neris, and so forth.

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