MLB The Show 20 April Monthly Awards: How to Get Didi Gregorius Diamond Card

The Major League Baseball season may currently be postponed, but MLB The Show 20 keeps bringing fans new content. On Tuesday, that included the latest additions to the MLB The Show 20 April Monthly Awards group. Gamers now have the option to add a new Didi Gregorius item to their Diamond Dynasty lineup. Here’s a look at the card and how to get it now.

New Didid Gregorius card available

On Tuesday, April 27, a number of new pieces of content went live in The Show. That included Headliners Set 14 featuring Ozzie Smith. There are also two new MLB The Show 20 April Monthly Awards players now available with Tyler Glasnow and Didi Gregorius. Check out the teaser trailer for the new items below and more about Didi’s card stats.

In April 2018, Didi Gregorius recorded 10 home runs, 30 RBI, and a .330 batting average. That gives The Show plenty of reason to give him a card in April Monthly Awards.

With the new Didi Gregorius item, gamers get a 93 overall Diamond. However, looking at the various attributes, this one’s a real gem. Gregorius features Diamond hitting and can play shortstop, second base, or third base. He brings 93 Contact vs. righties, 91 Contact vs. lefties, 97 Power on Right, 87 Vision, 81 Fielding, and 71 Speed.

Check out the full stats for Didi’s 93 OVR card in the screenshot below:

Didi Gregorius MLB The Show 20 diamond card april monthly awards

How to get the item for MLB The Show 20 April Monthly Awards

First and foremost, you’ll need to be on Stage 4 of April Monthly Awards. If not, you’ll have some work to do. If you’re there, head into Diamond Dynasty mode and then scroll over to “Programs.”

Choose “Monthly Awards,” and then April. There you’ll see all of the April Monthly Awards players. Tyler Glasnow takes a total of 50 Player Programs to earn but you should be within 15-20 already. Didi Gregorius will take 100 Player Programs to earn. However, once you get Glasnow, you’ll be just 10 away from Didi. So you’re going to need to get yourself Tyler Glasnow first.

Go into “Missions” and then to the “Exchange April Monthly Awards Stage 4 Voucher.” This will give you a total of 15 Player Programs. You’ll need to do the Moments for Tyler Glasnow to get the Voucher. Along the way, you’ll earn MLB The Show Stubs and XP.

  • Glasnow’s Got Game (All-Star) – Pitch 5 innings, Strike Out 4 Batters, Do Not Give Up 2 Runs (350 Stubs, 850 XP)
  • Take a Bow, Glasnow (All-Star)  – Pitch 6 innings, Strike Out 6 Batters, Do Not Give Up 1 Run (350 Stubs, 850 XP)
  • Glasnow’s Strikeout Dominance (Veteran) – Pitch 6 Innings, Strike Out 11 Batters, Do Not Give Up 1 Run (350 Stubs, 850 XP)
  • Glasnow’s Fifth Win (Veteran) – Pitch 6 Innings, Strike Out 9 Batters, Do Not Give Up 3 Runs (350 Stubs, 850 XP)

Now, you’ll get Tyler Glasnow and need just 10 more Player Programs to get Didi Gregorius. You’ll want to choose “Exchange Rays and SP” in the Missions.

You’ll want to go buy Gold cards for Rays or starting pitchers that qualify for this. They’ll need to have a minimum cost of 7,600 each in order to hit that 35,000 exchange value. Once you’ve done that, the Didi Gregorius card is all yours for your Diamond Dynasty lineup!

Check out the YouTube video below to see the overview of how to earn that Didi Gregorius for MLB The Show 20 April Monthly Awards.

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