Chicago Bears Star Khalil Mack Joins Exclusive Madden 20 Players in 99 Club

For the past three days, The CheckDown has been revealing the upcoming Madden 20 players who are ranked in the exclusive 99 Club. Each player is being drawn to fill in a special mural out in Los Angeles. On Tuesday and Wednesday, two defensive stars were added to the mural. On Thursday, a third defensive star joined them as Chicago Bears star Khalil Mack will be part of the Madden 20 club.

Chicago Bears star Khalil Mack brings his 99 rating to Madden 20

During the Madden NFL 19 season, Khalil Mack was one of the stars who rose in the ratings, thanks to his impressive defensive skills. He helped the Chicago Bears throughout the season, as they ultimately reached the postseason with the top defense in the league. That earned him a 99 overall in the game, which some gamers guessed would stay with him for Madden 20.

They were right, as Khalil Mack is now official. The Chicago Bears tweeted out a look at the mural featuring No. 52 with just one player remaining for the club.

The 6-foot-3 left outside linebacker is in his sixth season in the league out of Buffalo. The Oakland Raiders traded to the Chicago Bears in a blockbuster deal ahead of the 2018-19 NFL season. At the time, many fans and analysts believed the Bears get an amazing deal. That seems accurate as they have one of the league’s most imposing linebackers.

Per EA Madden’s report, Mack brings a 97 rating for Power Moves, 95 for Pursuit, 94 for Tackle, and 94 for Jumping. Opposing quarterbacks and offensive players are always on notice as he’s lurking on the gridiron. Check out his Superstar X-Factor and other abilities on the Madden 20 card below.

chicago bears LOLB Khalil Mack and his Madden 20 Superstar abilities

Learn more about the Madden 20 players in the 99 Club here at EA’s website.

Madden 20’s 99 Club to get a final player on the mural

Also making it into the Madden 99 Club in the past few days are the Los Angeles Rams’ NFL DPOY Aaron Donald, and the Seattle Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner. That leaves one spot on the board, potentially for an offensive star. Based on the outline, it could possibly be Houston Texans’ wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Sorry, Julio Jones and other players who feel they’re deserving, there’s still a season ahead to earn a spot in the club.

A few things are clear based on these reveals so far. One of them is that Madden’s crew wasn’t kidding around about there being a ratings system overhaul. It appears that possibly none of the league’s quarterbacks will be part of the 99 Club for Madden 20 players in the new game. That means Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, two members of the club last season are out.

It also makes it seem that cover star Patrick Mahomes won’t be in the Madden 99 Club. Last night, he was bestowed with an ESPY for Best NFL Player. Madden tweeted out congratulations which included “Best Quarterback in Madden 20” as part of it. That could mean he is rated ahead of fellow QBs like Brady, Rodgers, and Drew Brees but not a 99.

Gamers should know on Friday who that final star on the mural is. After that, fans will wait for the ratings reveals of other players. That should show how the NFL stars stack up and who the new ratings system might have hit hardest!

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