Could The Death Stranding Babies Be A Co Op Mechanic? We Theorize

We all have seen the four Death Stranding trailers and most fans have already started theorizing about its story and gameplay mechanics. A new popular theory suggests that the babies in the game could be some kind of twisted co-op mechanic, used in your darkest hour.

During the fourth released trailer, Death Stranding has gotten a more in-depth look on the use of babies, which we’ve seen in all trailers up until now. Either they’re lying on the beach, stuffed into portable tanks or down people’s throats, the Death Stranding babies, or more specifically baby, are a mystery. Reddit has a theory though, this could be a gameplay mechanic.

Remember that scene in the fourth trailer where Sam has to make a life-death decision while being surrounded by the “invisible men”? As a last resort, he decides to plug in his baby, which gives him access to his back-sensor. With the use of the sensor, Sam can figure out when enemies are near him, since he can’t see them. Here’s the theory now.

What if those babies are actually players, with more “dooms” than you? At the start of the first trailer a new female character asks Sam how many dooms he has and he replies that she probably has more than him. After that we see them coming face to face with an enemy and while Sam can only sense it, Lea’s character sees it (or so we all think).

We don’t know what dooms are but it looks like a specific gameplay mechanic, possibly giving you the opportunity of spotting invisible enemies. What we are suggesting is that, in his hour of need, a player can call upon another highly-doomed player to act like his sensor, letting him know when enemies are around.

What do you think? Could this theory be possible or is it too far-fetched to be believed? We’ll know for sure when Death Stranding finally releases, however, it won’t be anytime soon.