CSGO Gambling 101: How to Wager CSGO Coins and Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO, or CS:GO) has become one of the most popular esports in the world. It has been around since 2012, and continues to receive regular updates from Valve. According to Statista, the number of concurrent players of CSGO on Steam in 2020 peaked at 1.3 million. Skins and coins in the game have gained significant economic value, to the point where you can wager them on CSGO gambling websites. How does it all work? We’ll break it down for you in this 101 guide.

A Little Background on CSGO Gambling

The update that led to the CSGO skins economy was introduced in August 2013, and was called Arms Deal. Ever since its inception, that economy has continued to grow.

Steam runs on an open application program interface (API). As a result, it is possible for players to open accounts on third-party sites, link up those accounts to their Steam accounts, and access their skins and coins.

That means that it is possible to sign up on online betting sites that let you gamble with your skins and coins.

Why Try CSGO Betting?

Here are a few reasons to give this type of wagering a try:

  • The skins and coins in your CSGO account have value. If you are not using them or trading them, you may as well have some fun with them.
  • If you don’t have other money to gamble with, but want to play casino games or bet on matches, skin betting gives you a chance to participate.
  • CSGO betting gives you a new way to engage with the game you already love.

What Games Can You Wager on With CSGO Skins and Coins?

CSGO gambling sites bring together the worlds of video games, esports betting, and casino games. Here are some of the games and activities you can participate in while wagering your CSGO skins and coins:

  • CSGO match betting: If you are into esports betting, you can use your CSGO skins and coins to bet on CSGO matches. It works just like regular esports betting, except you aren’t using USD or a regular currency. You are using your in-game assets.
  • Want to test your own CSGO skills for skins or coins? You can do so by setting up a CSGO coinflip game. This is just a PVP match where you face off against another player. Either you can set up the match, or you can join one where someone else is waiting for an opponent. If you win, you generally get around double your stake, minus whatever cut the betting site takes.
  • CSGO roulette: This is just a regular game of roulette with a wheel that spins. As with any regular game of roulette, you can bet on black, red, or green. Once again, the only difference is that you wager with skins or coins instead of regular money.
  • CSGO case opening: Cases in CSGO are loot boxes, so when you buy them on Steam, you are essentially gambling. While you can always turn to Steam to open cases, you can purchase them through third-party websites as well. The reason you would want to consider doing this is because you can open “micro” cases this way, which cost less to purchase.

Those are just a few examples. Some other types of games you can wager on include CSGO crash, CSGO raffle, CSGO minesweep, and CSGO low betting jackpots. With so much variety, there is something for everyone.

Where Can You Do CSGO Gambling?

There are numerous websites now offering various CSGO gambling games, including CSGO 500, CSGO Empire, and Duelbits.

You will want to be selective about the sites you join. They accept different deposit and withdrawal methods, so you will need to choose one that offers payment methods that work for you. Plus, as mentioned previously, sites take commission for some games, like coinflip. Ideally, you want to pick sites that take the lowest commissions.

But signing up on multiple sites is a great way to get access to more games and bonuses (including free spins, free bonus cash, and more).

Also, keep in mind that not every CSGO betting site accepts customers from every region. You will need to find one that accepts players from your country. You can attempt to use a VPN as well, but some sites may catch onto this.

Once you find a site where you want to wager, getting started is simple:

1. Navigate to the betting site you want to use.

2. Sign in using your Steam account.

3. Start playing using your skins and coins.

Get Started Wagering Your CSGO Skins and Coins

That wraps up our guide to CSGO betting. Consider giving fun games like CSGO roulette and CSGO crash a try. No matter what, you will have a fun time, and who knows? Maybe you will get lucky.