Latest Cyberpunk 2077 Update Looks at Trauma Teams and Biochips

CD Projekt Red has released a new update in their ongoing frame-by-frame trailer series. This update; Episode 12, looks at the Cyberpunk 2077 biochips. This form of cyberware featured in the behind-closed-doors gameplay demo which was held at E3. The update also examines Trauma Teams; the private medical specialists who respond to biochip emergencies.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Biochips and Trauma Teams

Biochips are likely to be a major part of Cyberpunk 2077; this type of cyberware is a chip which monitors the user’s vital signs. Trauma Team is the group providing these implants; a special militarized faction of paramedics detailed in Episode 12 of the frame-by-frame series. “The Trauma Team is composed of paramedics expertly trained in combat,” explains CD Projekt Red; “who will go to any length to deliver their clients from harm.”

Trauma Team are Specially Trained Paramedic Soldiers

Part of the story shown in the E3 gameplay demo concerned a biochip; the player set out to rescue someone who was kidnapped by criminals. The gangsters were hoping to steal the victim’s cyberware parts. To stop their biochip from calling in the Trauma Team, the criminals were also keeping the captive frozen.

As the update goes on to state, these medical plans are generally the province of the wealthy; “Those wealthy enough to afford a Trauma Team medical plan receive a card and biochip implant. When the chip recognizes a medical problem in a client’s system, it immediately informs the Trauma Team who rush to the scene to stabilize and extract the patient – rain or shine, war zone or picnic.”

It’s unknown thus far whether players can acquire Trauma Team biochips themselves. It would certainly be an interesting revival mechanic if the Trauma Team burst onto the scene to revive you when you die. It’s also possible that the Trauma Team could feature as an occasional enemy faction, when they arrive to rescue someone whom the player is trying to eliminate.