Destiny 2: Bungie Clarifies How Cross-Save Support Will Work

With the upcoming release of Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion, Bungie is finally introducing cross-save support. This cross-save functionality will essentially allow existing players to transfer their game progress to any supported platform. However, Bungie recently clarified a few points, showing that the cross-save system will have its limitations.

Destiny 2 Cross-Save System Clarification

Destiny 2 cross-save clarification

Bungie lead producer Jared Berbach recently responded to several fan inquiries regarding cross-save on Twitter. According to Berbach, players will be able to transfer their characters and progress to any supported Destiny 2 platform. However, there won’t be any sort of multi-account merging. Players with multiple accounts (i.e. on PS4 and PC) will have to select one as their “main” account. The player with then be able to transfer their main account’s progress to other platforms.

Berbach was also quick to cover the subject of what happens to other accounts if the player transfers their progress. Non-main account progress won’t be erased or overwritten, it’ll just be “shelved” (as Berbach puts it). Berbach said that more details regarding how this shelving process works will be revealed soon.

For the sake of cross-save, Destiny 2’s Google Stadia version and Steam PC version will be considered separate platforms. Also, the nature of the cross-save system means there’s no way for existing PC players to gain “Veteran Status.” Since the original Destiny was never on PC, those who migrated to Destiny 2’s PC version couldn’t enjoy veteran status. Sadly, the nature of the new cross-save system means PC players still won’t regain their veteran perks. This is because they’ll still have to choose between their PC and console accounts and progress.

One important issue which Berbach didn’t touch on was how DLC will be handled with cross-save support. If a player owns Destiny 2 DLC on one platform, will it still be enabled if they transfer to another? Having to re-buy DLC on different platforms would certainly put a damper on the whole cross-save system. Hopefully, Bungie won’t wait long to provide the clarification fans are looking for.

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion (and cross-save support) arrives on September 17 of this year.