Destiny 2: Bungie Explains How Gambit Prime Differs from Standard Gambit

Destiny 2 is getting a brand new Gambit Prime experience tomorrow as part of its Joker’s Wild expansion. In many ways Gambit Prime functions similarly to standard Gambit, only in a more intense fashion. However, Bungie recently previewed the various ways in which Gambit Prime will very much be its own beast.

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Features

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime features

During an IGN-sponsored Fireteam Chat, Bungie expanded upon the Gambit Prime details it teased in the above ViDoc. If you’d rather not watch the Fireteam Chat video, the major talking points were summarized over on Reddit.

Bungie touched on a number of subjects in the Fireteam Chat video, but one of the biggest was Gambit Prime. Here are some of the more interesting details we gleaned from both the video and the accompanying Reddit summary.

Gambit Prime Features

  • Your Guardian’s power still factors into invasions, much like in normal Gambit.
  • Armor drops will be randomly tied to one of the four Gambit Prime roles (Reaper, Collector, Sentry, Invader).
  • Wearing multiple armor pieces for a specific role grants enhanced perks. A ‘pinnacle perk’ is granted with a near-complete set (full armor set isn’t required for a pinnacle perk).
  • In turn, wearing armor pieces for multiple roles grants lesser perks for those roles. This means a player can perform multiple roles, just not as effectively as a player with pinnacle perks.
  • Pinnacle perks are only active in Gambit Prime.
  • Gambit Prime armor glows with a colored role-specific aura when the pinnacle perk is active.
  • Playing Gambit Prime awards synths which are then used in The Reckoning PvE activity. Using a synth in The Reckoning allows players to earn guaranteed role-specific Gambit prime armor.
  • Unlike standard Gambit, the Primeval isn’t summoned in Gambit Prime until you bank a total of 100 motes.
  • If two or more blockers are active on your team’s side, motes start draining from your bank. This makes the Taken-slaying Sentry role very important.
  • The pinnacle perk for the Invader role allows you to essentially function as a blocker. The enemy team’s bank will be locked when you invade and you’ll drain motes by standing near it.
  • The Collector role can carry up to 20 motes at once and summon a special fourth blocker tier.

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