Destiny 2: Bungie Will Be Toning Down Certain Heroic Strike Modifiers

When Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion launched last month, it made the game’s Heroic Strikes noticeably harder to complete, a change which was embraced for the most part by the game’s community. However, players were quick to spot a few problems with the new Heroic Strike system, namely that they weren’t dropping appropriately leveled rewards to match their new difficulty and some of the new modifiers Bungie introduced were downright cruel in their implementation. Bungie has already addressed the former issue, and now it has confirmed it will soon be addressing the latter issue as well.

David “DeeJ” Dague, who serves as Bungie’s community manager, recently confirmed via Twitter that the studio will be tweaking a series of Heroic Strike modifiers in July. Specifically, Bungie will be looking over and revising three of Destiny 2’s more irksome Heroic Strike modifiers: Blackout, Grounded, and Glass.

For those who don’t know, each Heroic Strike in Destiny 2 has three modifiers attached to it, and in most cases the modifiers make the strike more challenging for the players attempting it. The Grounded modifier makes players take more damage while airborne, Glass halves player shields and health but drastically ups Recovery, and Blackout disables player radars and significantly boosts enemy melee damage, often allowing enemies to one-hit-kill players with a single melee strike.

Now, on their own, each of those modifiers doesn’t sound too bad (though I can say from experience that Blackout is pretty darn rough), but the issue players are having is that such modifiers are pretty much always paired up with two other negative modifiers, and sometimes even with each other. Certain modifier combinations can make specific Heroic Strikes feel incredibly cheap and unfair to the point that players often don’t even bother attempting them, hence why Bungie plans to look them over and make adjustments as necessary.

Heroic Strike modifiers should soon be less of a pain.

DeeJ was careful to clarify that Bungie doesn’t plan to nerf the above modifiers too heavily, but they should be a little easier to deal with once the studio implements its planned July changes. Meanwhile, if you want to shift over to the Nightfall instead, Bungie’s still working on a fix to get Nightfall-specific loot to start dropping again.