Destiny 2: European Ariel Zone and Armor Meditation – Complete Guide

Solstice of Heroes was announced last month as a returning live event to Destiny 2. Last year, Solstice of Heroes brought one of the best-looking armor to the game. On top of that, Guardians also unlocked armor glows by unlocking the fully-masterwork version of their armor sets. Same as the last year, Armor Glows will be available through Eververse.

Solstice of Heroes will begin on July 30 and run until August 27. At first, players will be given the Drained (1st Tier) version of the armor by Eva, after completing the challenges, they will upgrade their armor to next tier that’s Renewed (2nd Tier). And the last Tier of the meditation is called Majestic which is the legendary armor set.

European Ariel Zone

Destiny 2 Armor Meditation

With the Solstice of Heroes, Bungie will be adding a brand-new area to the game called European Ariel Zone EAZ. It’s a floating island over the clouds on Earth just like the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Players will be heading to EAZ to meditate their armor sets by completing the newly-released match-made activity. Here’s what Bungie has to say about it:

Your goal will be to defeat as many minibosses as possible before time expires. When your time runs out, you will face off against a final boss. Once the boss is defeated, you will set out across the EAZ in search of treasure chests. The more minibosses you defeat, the more treasure will await you. The chests contain Solstice Packages that you can open with Solstice Key Fragments earned by completing any activity during the Solstice of Heroes.

The Solstice Package contains Rare and Legendary gear, Enhancement Cores and Materials.

Armor Meditation

Destiny 2 Armor Meditation

Guardians will be given the Drained (uncommon) armor set at first by Eva Lavante (Destiny Granny). After completing the Drained Set’s challenges, Guardians will be rewarded with the Renewed (Common) armor set. And on tier 3, players will finally be able to unlock Majestic (Legendary) armor set for their Guardians.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Sept. 17, 2019. Google Stadia will also be getting a Destiny 2 release later in November.