Destiny 2: Here Are the Season of the Drifter Pinnacle Weapon Unlock Requirements

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter has introduced a fresh batch of new pinnacle weapons for players to earn. Much like the Season of the Forge pinnacle weapons, this new batch is spread across Crucible PvP, Gambit, and Strikes. However, Bungie has also tweaked the unlock process a bit to make earning pinnacle weapons more alt-friendly. Below you’ll find the specific process and varying conditions for unlocking each new pinnacle weapon.

Destiny 2 Unlocking Pinnacle Weapons

Destiny 2 season of the drifter pinnacle weapon unlock requirements

The unlock process is laid out a bit differently in Season of the Drifter. Rather than attaching a pinnacle weapon to an NPC-given quest, Bungie has instead attached them to new triumphs.

The actual trigger for earning the weapon is still activated through a manually-acquired quest step. The activities and goals players must complete, though, are tracked through the quest’s associated triumph. And since all triumphs have account-wide tracking, this essentially means players can make progress on all their characters simultaneously.

Just make sure you grab the associated pursuit cards from the appropriate NPC (Zavala, Shaxx, and The Drifter). Since they’re pursuits, you need to grab the cards as each of your characters separately.

Pinnacle Weapon Unlock Requirements

Here are the goals you need to reach to unlock each of the three new pinnacle weapons:

Oxygen SR3 (Vanguard Strikes Pinnacle Weapon)

Earn ‘The Best Offense’ triumph by completing the following tasks:

  • Fill up the ‘Strikes Completed’ gauge (Nightfall Strike completions fill the gauge faster). It takes about 75 normal Strikes to fill the gauge.
  • Generate 500 Orbs of Light in Strikes
  • Score 1,000 precision kills in strikes

21% Delirium (Gambit Pinnacle Weapon)

Earn the ‘Notorious Hustle’ triumph by completing the following tasks:

  • Score 75 multikills in Gambit
  • Fill a percentage gauge by defeating Envoys and Primevals
  • Reset your Infamy rank at least once

The Recluse (Crucible Pinnacle Weapon)

Earn ‘The Stuff of Myth’ triumph by completing the following tasks:

  • Fill a percentage gauge by winning Crucible matches in any playlist. Competitive and Iron Banner wins fill the gauge more quickly.
  • Reach the ‘Fabled’ Glory rank during Season of the Drifter.

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