Destiny 2: How to Complete the Strength Invitation of the Nine Bounty

Destiny 2’s latest Invitation of the Nine bounty, titled ‘Strength,’ takes players to the planet Mercury. More samples must be gathered and another Strike must be completed to unlock more Nine-related lore. In this guide, we’ll detail the Strength bounty’s tasks and how to efficiently complete them.

Destiny 2 Strength Invitation of the Nine Bounty

Destiny 2 Strength Invitation of the Nine bounty

As usual, the latest bounty is available from the weekend merchant Xur for a mere nine Legendary Shards. Those who have completed all previous Invitation of the Nine bounties will have the Strength bounty waiting for them.

For the Strength bounty, players must complete a total of four tasks:

  • Gather nine metaphysical samples from Vex enemies on Mercury
  • Gather nine metaphysical samples from Cabal enemies on Mercury
  • Gather nine metaphysical samples from Hive enemies on Mercury
  • Complete ‘The Garden World’ Strike on Mercury

One important distinction to note is that only enemies killed on Mercury drop samples. Previously, samples could drop from the appropriate enemy type no matter where they were slain. However, that was apparently a bug which Bungie has now fixed.

Gathering Samples

A single run of The Garden World should be more than enough to gather all the needed Vex samples. You might even get a Cabal sample or two during the Strike. For the remaining Cabal samples, you can just kill Cabal enemies in Mercury’s open-world exploration zone.

Hive samples, however, can be tricky. Unlike Vex and Cabal, Hive don’t appear in Mercury’s exploration zone. Fortunately, there is a guaranteed method for encountering Hive on Mercury. Visit Brother Vance in the Lighthouse and pick up the ‘Bug in the System’ Adventure from him.

Bug in the System has plenty of Hive enemies, ideally enough for the nine samples you need. If you need more, you can simply back out of the Adventure before completing it and do it again. If you complete the Adventure and need more samples, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for the daily reset.

Mystery and Potential

Once the bounty’s conditions are fulfilled, it’s time for yet another trip to the Derelict. Access the ‘Mystery and Potential’ node from the Gambit sub-screen to travel to the Drifter’s ship. Proceed through the portal and head down into the central pit to witness The Emissary having another conversation.

If you still need to complete previous Invitation of the Nine bounties, we’ve got guide for The Magician and Justice.