Destiny 2: Redditors Outline Potential Shadowkeep Exotic Armor Reworks

Destiny 2’s upcoming Shadowkeep expansion will include a revamped armor system called Armor 2.0. The system will mainly address Legendary tier armor, but some fans feel that Exotic armor deserves some love as well. Specifically, these fans feel that Exotic armor should be just as exciting to use as Exotic weapons.

Destiny 2 Proposed Exotic Armor Enhancements

Destiny 2 proposed Exotic armor reworks

Over on Reddit, user GaiPod explained how they feel Bungie should tweak Destiny 2’s Exotic armor in Shadowkeep. GaiPod raises some good points in explaining how Exotic weapons tend to get more ‘love’ than Exotic armor. For example, only Exotic weapons have associated catalysts which enhance their capabilities once completed. Also, all of Destiny 2’s current and previous Exotic quests have been for weapons (Thorn, Malfeasance, etc.)

GaiPod also mentioned how some Exotic weapons have multiple unique perks whereas every Exotic armor piece only has one. Worse, most Exotic armor perks don’t provide any unique functionality, they just boost existing stats or abilities. In short, GaiPod feels that Exotic armor doesn’t really feel that exotic when compared to Exotic weapons.

As for GaiPod’s proposed solution, it’s rather simple: give Exotic armor the aforementioned missing features. Adding in Exotic armor quests and catalysts would give players more rewards to chase over the long term. It would also mean players who wanted specific Exotic armor pieces didn’t have to rely on randomized drops. Giving Exotic armor more exciting perks would be a plus, though GaiPod acknowledged that Destiny 2 is a shooter first. Of course, Bungie could always look at original Destiny Exotics like Twilight Garrison if they needed some inspiration.

Commenters in GaiPod’s post agreed with their sentiment about Exotic armor needing to feel more exciting. At the very least, Exotic armor should benefit greatly from the Armor 2.0 system. It would certainly be nice if we could fine-tune our existing Destiny 2 Exotic armor with mods.

We’ll find out how, if at all, Bungie plans on addressing Exotic armor when Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion arrives. Said arrival is currently scheduled for September 17.