Destiny 2: Redditor Explains Why Mayhem Isn’t a Permanent PvP Mode

As part of Destiny 2’s currently ongoing Dawning event, Bungie has also enabled the popular limited-time Mayhem Crucible PvP mode. As its name infers, Mayhem basically cranks the PvP dial up to 11. Class abilities like grenades and Supers recharge at a furiously fast speed, allowing for some truly chaotic PvP matches. Some players expressed their desire for Mayhem to become a permanent Destiny 2 fixture. One Redditor has now explained why that wouldn’t be feasible.

The Reasons Why Destiny 2’s Mayhem Mode isn’t Permanent

Game journalist and Destiny Reddit contributor Jason Rodriguez recently posted this in-depth explanation as to why Mayhem isn’t permanent. To put it plainly, many Destiny 2 players would come to regard Mayhem as the new “normal” PvP experience. This, in turn, would throw the entire Crucible PvP experience out of whack as other mode would effectively feel obsolete. After all, why play some boring Control matches when you can boot up Mayhem and feel like a sci-fi superhero?

Destiny 2 why Mayhem shouldn't be permanent.

Rodriguez also points out how some players would use Mayhem to exploit PvP bounties. Any bounties which ask a player to earn PvP kills or generate Orbs of Light in PvP would become trivial. The weekly milestone calling for five PvP match completions would become trivial. There’d be next to no reason to play any other Quickplay PvP playlist if Mayhem was always an option.

Commenters in Rodriguez’s thread also pointed out how permanent Mayhem would teach less-skilled players bad habits. There’d be no incentive to improve your standard Quickplay skills when you could just hop into Mayhem and Super steamroll. If the abnormal nature of Mayhem became the new normal, then what’s normal now would just be boring.

If you’re interested in more on why things are the way they are in Destiny 2, we’ve got you covered. A Bungie developer recently revealed why the game’s boss encounters are often just super-sized standard enemies with a stomp attack.