Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor Location: Where to Complete This Bounty

There is so much content to complete right now in Destiny 2 like finishing the Izanami Forge and doing weekly bounties. Of those weekly and daily bounties, the Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor one is available right now. Each week, there is a cycle of familiar bounties until six weeks have passed and it starts over. In this guide, we are going to cover how to complete this particular bounty.

The Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor requires you to first get the bounty before locating the actual enemy you are looking for. For this specific bounty, you are looking to take out a Wanted criminal. This criminal has (like many others before him) escaped from prison and needs to be taken out. Here’s where you need to go to do just that.

Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor Location

Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor

First and foremost, you will need the actual bounty itself before you complete it. This can be done by visiting the Tangled Shore and paying a visit to the NPC Spider. Spider has a different rotating list of weekly bounties you can take on. One of these is, of course, the Saturn Survivor one.

You’ll need a few of Spider’s special currency so if you need those, simply do any activities in the Tangled Shore like other bounties, Public Events, and so on. Once you have the bounty, you are ready to find the Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor location. For this, we need to head to the EDZ. The exact area we need to head to is the Sludge location.

You can find this area in the northeast corner of the European Dead Zone. There is a fast travel location that is near here so simply travel there and make your way to the Sludge area. You will know when the Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor is nearby as the game will notify you there is a high-value target in your area. You will need to search the area then for him and kill him. The reset for him seems to be around every 30 minutes or so.