Destiny 2: How to Access the Black Armory Expansion’s Izanami Forge

Destiny 2’s third Black Armory forge, the Izanami Forge, is now available to all expansion owners. However, unlocking access to the forge requires that you first complete a lengthy opening quest. This guide walks you through all the necessary steps to unlock the Izanami Forge for yourself.

Destiny 2 Izanami Forge Opening Quest

The Izanami Forge and its associated opening quest are both found on the planet Nessus. Merely starting the quest requires a little patience since you need a randomly dropped item called a Vex Transponder. As you may have guessed, the transponder has a chance of dropping from any slain Vex enemy on Nessus. We’ve heard reports that completing the Nessus Daily Heroic Adventure is a reliable way to find the transponder.

Activating the Vex Transponder

The Vex Transponder is your key to finding the Izanami Forge, but first it must be activated. You’ll have to complete several goals to activate the transponder, the first of which is simply slaying 100 Vex. Farming Nessus Lost Sectors and Public Events is a great way to bang this step out relatively quick.

Next, you need to complete the Heroic version of the Spire Integration Public Event. For reference, you can find this event in Nessus’ Hallows region. After that, you must slay 20 Vex Minotaurs. Again, Lost Sectors and Public Events can help with reliably finding the Minotaurs you need.

Accessing the Izanami Forge

With the Vex Transponder booted up, you can delve into the Izanami Forge’s actual location. However, your work is sadly far from done. After completing a short forge mission involving confluxes and a forge boss, you’ll find the forge’s igniter is broken. Head back to Ada-1 in the Tower and she’ll direct you on how to fix the igniter.

Destiny 2's Izanami Forge.

Again, you need to finish a series of micro-goals to repair the igniter. The first such goal involves completing three specific Heroic Public Events:

  • Hive Witch Ritual on either Titan or Mars
  • Fallen Glimmer Extraction in the EDZ
  • Vex Spire Integration on Nessus

Next, you have to destroy five Condensed Blights on Io and rack up precision multikills against Fallen. Finding the Condensed Blights is pretty easy, just head into any Lost Sector on Io. The Condensed Blights are located about halfway through each sector and you don’t have to complete the sector itself. As for the Fallen precision multikills, stick to Lost Sectors on either Earth or the Tangled Shore. This ensures other players can’t steal any kills from you.

Lastly, a new mission sends you back to Nessus to gather Vex energy. The mission involves some platforming and more conflux hacking but otherwise isn’t too difficult.

Repairing the Izanami Forge

You’re on the home stretch now, but there are still several more steps to work through. First, you need to successfully complete a Volundr Forge ignition. Then, you need to complete a special 630 power version of the Insight Terminus Strike on Nessus. The Strike doesn’t have matchmaking and if your team wipes you have to do the entire Strike over.

The very last step is a 630 power forge reignition mission. Complete this final mission and permanent access to the Izanami Forge is yours.

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