DICE Details Changes Coming to Battlefield 5 After the Open Beta

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta came to an end just a few weeks ago. DICE now has around two months before the game officially launches, in mid-November. Although the studio released a brief list of planned changes which will come following the beta, they recently went one step further; DICE released the second entry in their Dev Talks series, delving into much more detail with upcoming changes.

Dev Talks #2 and Changes Following the Battlefield 5 Open Beta

This close to launch, it’s not surprising that there are far more minor changes planned than major ones. DICE only has a small window in which to make changes before the November launch; that means that changes now consist more of tweaking and polishing than completely overhauling. For example, the studio will be tweaking lots of the lighting systems in order to fine-tune visibility. One slightly more major issue is that a net-code problem could cause significant damage, well before players were actually able to react. The feedback on this issue has clearly been heard by DICE following the Battlefield 5 Open Beta, and they’re working to resolve it.

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta Has Spawned a Series of Changes

There are two other notable changes which are at least planned, though it remains to be seen exactly how they will be implemented. Firstly, DICE is apparently looking at ammunition and med-packs; the studio may give players access to more of one or both from the start of a game. In addition, the ammunition capacity of certain firearms may also increase. These plans were left relatively vague, so it remains to be seen if and how DICE will change things in this area for November. The second area concerns tanks. DICE will be making the speed of Medium tank turrets faster in order to help balance vehicles. Light tanks, which actually didn’t feature in the Open Beta, will have the fastest turrets.