DOOM Eternal: More On Close-Ranged Combat

During DOOM Eternal’s gameplay reveal at QuakeCon 2018 we saw many new and exciting additions to the DOOM 2016 sequel. One of them was the constant switch of Doom Slayer from firing with the gun to slaughtering demons in close combat. Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin recently explained this idea further during one of their interviews.

The whole ‘Mortal Kombat’ style DOOM Eternal is going to have is impressive and exciting at the same time. The developers of the game explained in their recent interview with the whole philosophy behind it.

“It depends on the enemy types. Like, can you sit there and long-range guys in Doom? It’s pretty hard because we have all different types that will push the player off their platform. The Imp, for example, the way we spawn enemy types, we’re very conscious of that.”

Of course, they did not want the game to stray from its unique and impressive FPS style.

“We don’t want you constantly going point blank, because that gets repetitive. Sometimes, opportunistically, hanging back, using the scope, and popping a head can add that kind of variety to the combat dance.”

When adding more demons and monsters to the game, it became apparent that they would need to add the close combat element to DOOM Eternal.

“We use our chess pieces to move the player around and get them off those ledges and don’t let them kite enemies. The way we design levels, we try to really avoid those type of spots where you can, throughout the entire combat encounter, just pick apart demons because you found this little corner in the level that they can’t get to. The AI helps with that tremendously.”

During DOOM Eternal’s gameplay reveal it seemed very cool watching Doom Slayer perform these tricks once in a while. This addition to the classic DOOM franchise is going to be interesting.