The Most Powerful Doom Slayer Of DOOM Eternal

During DOOM Eternal’s gameplay showcase at QuakeCon 2018, the developers pointed out that their original intention was to make a more fearsome Doom Slayer than before. In one of their interviews, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin talked about that very important aspect they took under consideration while making DOOM Eternal. This will be the most powerful Doom Slayer you have ever seen, and there is a reason they made him this way.

During one of their interviews with PasteMagazine, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin were asked about how much more intense DOOM Eternal is going to be. They both explained that the intensity of the game lies entirely in all the new features they improved or added to the sequel of DOOM 2016. Of course, they also mentioned the importance of fans’ feedback was a core element of the decisions they had to make while developing the new DOOM.

Stratton explained that the intensity of the game stems from the original question they had to answer regarding Doom Slayer. Their aim was to make him more powerful than ever and that is how they started creating DOOM Eternal in the first place. Additionally, Hugo Martin added that other features of the game are contributing to the high intensity.

Everything is equally important for the outcome and the final product. All the new guns, the monsters, the demons, and even the new environments players are going to experience in-game are there to make Doom Slayer more fearsome than ever. He specifically said the following:

“It’s not just the movement speed, or the guns, it’s a little bit of everything. The setting, the set pieces. When you look at that Mars core scene when you’re going through on Phobos, and you’re fighting in search of the moon, yeah there’s a few more enemies, and dash and double jump certainly contribute to it, but then you’ve also got this giant cannon that’s firing every ten seconds and so it’s very chaotic and epic and that raises the intensity as well, the music, the cinematic quality to it all, which really just feels like this big bombastic action movie. So it’s a bunch of little things happening that raises the intensity, and that definitely is the goal.”

DOOM Eternal is definitely going to be the most badass DOOM of all, and Doom Slayer will manage to survive all these evil new additions once again.