The DualShock 5 Will Have Different Buttons Than the DualShock 4

Remember when we reported on a patent spotted the other week which showed a new PlayStation controller with different buttons than the DualShock 4? We have a small update on that story, as it seems that what we have been looking at is the PlayStation 5 controller.

The DualShock 5 Will Add Different Buttons While Subtracting the PS Button

What has changed is that you can now find the same diagrams from the patent on Sony’s website. This seems to imply that what we are looking at is what we can expect from the next PS controller.

So, what are the changes? First, on the back of the controller are two new buttons. Second, two additional buttons are located under the thumbsticks. Apparently, the buttons on back will let you adjust the handgrip lengths, and can be programmed with additional functions also. As of yet, we have no idea what the smaller set of buttons is supposed to do.

The other notable change is what has disappeared, and that is the PS button in the middle of the controller. That means that some other button will have to handle the function of the PS button, but we don’t know yet which that would be. Regardless, the PS button wasn’t used for actual gameplay anyway, so its absence shouldn’t affect gameplay itself in any fashion.

But we are just relieved to see that both the thumbsticks remain intact, as there were rumors flying around that one might be eliminated. Also, don’t forget that we’re stuck interpreting the images for ourselves at this point. Sony has yet to give a solid description of all that we can expect from the actual PS5 controller, so none of this is totally concrete yet.

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