Sony Patent Reveals Controller With Additional Trigger Buttons

Remember the back button attachment which Sony revealed the other week for the DualShock 4? If you found that news exciting, then you will love the Sony patent which turned up recently. It suggests that a controller with additional trigger buttons may be under development.

Here Is What the Patent Reveals About the Controller With Additional Trigger Buttons

You can view the patent here for the “(WO2019244995) INPUT DEVICE.” You can view one of the diagrams from the patent below.

This controller appears to include a set of extra triggers, one on either side. Picture where the thumbsticks are, and then picture the corresponding spots on the bottom of the controller behind them. That is where the two new buttons would be located. If you have ever purchased a pro gaming controller that has extra paddles, you likely found them in the same location.

While you can read the patent for yourself, you’ll notice that it doesn’t explain what the new buttons would do. Maybe we will be able to map them as they are needed to let us customize our gaming experience.

So, it might be a while before we get answers as to the purpose of the buttons, and that is assuming that this patent leads to an actual new controller. But it seems like there is reason to be optimistic about that possibility, considering the introduction of the back button attachment. This controller with additional trigger buttons would be a logical next product to think about introducing at some point in the not-too-distant future. Maybe we are moving into a future where we will have diverse options when it comes to DualShocks.

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