EA Reveals Madden NFL 20 Superstar KO, Free Trial Stats Including Most Popular Players

In the past week, EA’s Madden NFL 20 released their brand new Superstar KO mode which allowed for quicker elimination-style competitions either solo or with squads. In addition, they allowed gamers without Madden 20 to enjoy a free trial over the course of several days to experience all the fun of the latest football simulation title. That translated into what EA reports as their “biggest NFL Kickoff Weekend for the console generation.”

Vick, Jackson amongst popular choices in Madden NFL 20 free trial

EA revealed details of Superstar KO mode just last week. It involves games between friends and opposing players where one player controls offense and the other controls the defense. There are eight pre-generated teams and gamers get to choose star players for their squads.

The new format is much quicker than a traditional game as each team gets an attempt to score on their drive. If the game remains tied, it goes into sudden-death overtime where each team gets a chance to score. Teams rack up experience points and move up the leaderboard as they win games.

To let gamers without Madden 20 experience Superstar KO, EA gave a free global trial from September 5th through 9th. The trial’s now officially over, but it certainly brought a lot of usage for the game. That included a lot of usage for a certain quarterback who is amongst the NFL’s all-time leaders for QB rushing yards.

EA shared recent Madden NFL 20 usage stats which revealed the most popular player chosen for the Superstar KO mode. Additionally, EA revealed several other statistics involving past and present stars from the gridiron:

  • Michael Vick¬†was the most popular player in Superstar KO
    • Pick rate of over 85% in drafts
    • Delivered 700,000 rushing touchdowns and 1.9M passing touchdowns in Week 1 Averaged over thirteen yards per carry in Superstar KO matchups
  • NFL stars¬†Lawrence Taylor¬†(73% pick rate), Jerry Rice¬†(70% pick rate), and¬†Patrick Mahomes¬†(60% pick rate) scored the following pick rates respectively¬†
  • After a solid week 1 performance, the¬†Baltimore Ravens¬†have emerged as one of the most popular teams, rocketing into the top 5
  • Ravens QB¬†Lamar Jackson¬†racked up over one million rushing TDs and over two million passing TDs since launch

Jackson, Mahomes bring strong NFL Week 1 performances

It certainly shows that it was a big weekend for not only EA’s Madden 20 but also the NFL. Of the players above, Lamar Jackson earned a Madden Team of the Week 1 player item based on his stellar performance for the Ravens. In Week 1, Jackson threw over 300 yards and five touchdowns in a beatdown of the Miami Dolphins. His new card is available with a 90 OVR rating. Additionally, Madden released a 90 OVR for NY Jets defensive standout CJ Mosley.

Speaking of star quarterbacks, Madden NFL 20 cover athlete Patrick Mahomes also delivered a strong season-opening win for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes was 25-for-33 and had 378 passing yards along with three TDs thrown in a 40-26 win over Jacksonville. It’s no surprise the cover star continues to be a popular choice amongst football fans as the Madden 20 season moves forth.

Dak Prescott didn’t disappoint either, earning a TOTW item. The Dallas QB led the Cowboys to a big win over the NY Giants in Week 1. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what sorts of new Madden 20 Ultimate Team items arrive for Mahomes, Jackson, and Prescott in the coming weeks.

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