EA Rolls Out Server Update One Day Before Battlefield 5 Open Beta Public Launch

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta launched two days ago for certain premium service subscribers, and today for all other players. EA is wasting no time in rolling out updates, however. The first Open Beta Update launched yesterday; less than a day before the public launch of the event. The update affects a variety of server and balancing issues.

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta Update 09052018

A notification about the update appears on the official Battlefield Forum from user Braddock512; the Community Manager for the Battlefield franchise. Entitled Open Beta Update 09052018, the new update addresses server issues which appear to have surfaced during the Open Beta’s first two days. It’s certainly encouraging that EA DICE are responding so swiftly to problems that arise. The update was sent out just in time for the event opening to the general public; “We are rolling out a server update to address a few issues in the Battlefield 5 Open Beta,” says the update; “This server update will roll out for all platforms. Please note: During the rollout, players will not be disconnected from active matches, but will be disconnected when the match is over and can rejoin immediately afterwards.”

The Update Comes One Day Before the Launch of the Beta to the General Public

According to the update, it addresses three key issues; Squad Joining, Spectator Mode, and team balance. The first patch fixes a bug which prevents Squads from joining a match as a group. The second fixes an issue where the game’s Spectator Mode wasn’t activating correctly. The update actually didn’t properly fix this bug, but the studio quickly published a minor fix and an addendum to the original post. Finally, the update made some changes to team balancing. “Addressed lop-sided team balance issues,” explains the update; “With this update, at the end of the match you will not be switched to the opposite side. You will have to quit and rejoin to potentially play as the other army. (We will have a permanent solution to this issue with the full launch of Battlefield 5 that will work as designed.)”