New Encore Arenas Map Coming in Apex Legends Monsters Within

Tomorrow, on the 12th of October, Respawn will be launching Monsters Within; this year’s Apex Legends Halloween event. While most of the event’s features and new cosmetics are decidedly Halloween-themed, the game will also be getting a new map for its Arenas mode. Encore isn’t particularly horror-themed, but rather themed around Seer.

The Apex Legends Encore Arenas Map

The first thing that immediately sets Encore apart from other Arenas maps is its visually-distinct design. Encore takes place on a completely different – and new – planet; Seer’s homeworld of Boreas. Indeed, it is apparently an arena where Seer would often take part in duels. Featuring a wide open battlefield with relatively low structures and terrain, Encore offers plenty of opportunities for sniping, but also winding approaches where players can stay hidden.

Apex Legends Encore Arenas Map Monsters Within 2

“Good teamwork and strategy are key if you want to succeed in this arena,” writes Respawn; “The layout offers combat over two high-ground positions. On one side we have the VIP Lounge. […] Across the VIP Lounge is the Performance Stage. […] The middle of Encore is devoid of high-ground positions and separates the stage and the lounge platform.”

While it isn’t clear from the latest blog post announcing the new map, Encore is presumably a permanent addition to Apex Legends Arenas, rather than an event-limited feature. Certainly, there is no mention of it disappearing with the end of Monsters Within.

The Encore map sets an interesting precedent for Apex Legends Arenas; namely, that Arenas might give Respawn the opportunity to explore a wide range of settings (and planets) that might otherwise have never warranted featuring as a full-scale battle royale map. With Encore now offering players a look at the world of Boreas, it’s possible that future new Arenas maps will visit other planets in the Apex Legends canon. Perhaps planets which have appeared in Stories From the Outlands episodes, for example.