Event-Limited Cosmetics Now Available from the Apex Legends Store

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event is now live, and with it, the first of two batches of special deals in the in-game store. As per usual for a Collection Event, several of the event cosmetics are available to purchase in the store. However, the event-limited cosmetic deals extend to past cosmetics and bundles too.

Evolution Collection: Apex Legends Event Store Deals

Throughout the two-week Evolution Collection Event in Apex Legends, players will be able to take advantage of a range of deals in the store. A different selection will be available to buy in each week. While some items will be available to buy across both weeks, others will only be available for a single week. The first batch of deals became available when the event went live, earlier today. It will be available until the 21st of September, when the second batch will switch places with it in the store.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event-Limited Cosmetics Store

This week, Apex Legends players can get their hands on five bundles; Rampart’s Cleanup Crew bundle (5,000), Fuse’s Cybernetic Pack bundle (2,500), Gibraltar’s Imperial Defender bundle (2,150), Revenant’s Relic of Death bundle (2.150), and Bloodhound’s Centurion bundle (3,950). The Centurion skin is also available to purchase separately for 1,250 Apex Coins. Finally, Bloodhound’s Nevermore Skydive Emote is also on sale for 1,000 Apex Coins.

Next week, from the 21st of September to the 28th, an alternative selection will be available. The Cleanup Crew and Cybernetic Pack bundles will remain on sale. However, the others will swap with Caustic’s Necrosis bundle (2,000), Wattson’s Outlands Explorer bundle (2,000), and Crypto’s Whitelisted bundle (3,950). The Whitelisted skin will be available to buy separately for 1,250 Apex Coins, alongside Crypto’s Hack and Slash Skydive Emote (for 1,000 Apex Coins). These items will only be available to buy from the in-game store during the Evolution Collection event.