Everything We Know So Far About PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett

The rumor mill has been working overtime with regards to the upcoming next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Most recently, we reported that there are rumors that the PS5 will outperform the Xbox Scarlett. But what do we actually know so far about PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett?

Here Is What We Know About PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett

First of all, let’s talk specs. We know that the Xbox Project Scarlett is going to feature an AMD Zen 2 custom CPU. The PlayStation 5 will feature a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen 8-core CPU. The PS5’s GPU will be the AMD Radeon Navi. With the Xbox Scarlett, no GPU has been named, but it will apparently be able to handle ray tracing. As for RAM, that is where there is a gap in our knowledge of the PS5. But we know that the next Xbox will feature GDDR6 memory. Both consoles will support 8K resolution. Solid state drives will be featured in both Scarlett and PS5.

Let’s talk about what we know so far about PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett.

So even with rumors that PS5 is going to beat Xbox Scarlett in terms of performance, right now, the consoles look to be a pretty close match for each other. But we will need to wait for the gaps in our knowledge to fill in before we can judge with certainty which console will be superior in this regard.

So next, let’s talk about games. Microsoft already announced that Halo Infinite will be available when Xbox Scarlett launches. Sony has yet to announce its launch games. In terms of backwards compatibility, Sony has finally decided to get onboard—but only minimally. So Xbox Scarlett emerges the clear winner here, backwards compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox games. PS5 will only be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

But what about pricing and release date? Microsoft has set a holiday season 2020 release window for the Xbox Scarlett. But Sony still has not announced a release window for PlayStation 5. Neither company has mentioned a price yet. But the latest prediction from analyst Michael Pachter is that both consoles will cost around $400. So if that ends up being true, that is great news. This would be an affordable price with regards to the technology in both systems.

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