Fallout 4: New Vegas Issue Detailed New Progress Update

Fallout 4: New Vegas is one of the most ambitious long-term, large-scale mods for Fallout 4 currently in progress. The team has issued a number of progress updates, showcasing new renders or addressing fan misconceptions about the project. However, the team has now released a new and highly detailed devlog; the latest post goes through each of the mod’s teams and looks at what they have been working on.

The Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Update

The latest devlog for Fallout 4: New Vegas goes team to team, starting with Level Design. It aims to inform fans of what stage the mod is at. Development in the Level Design team has been focused but steady, with work being directed mostly on minor locations and the detailing needed for them. Places like the shacks we showcased a week ago, and other smaller one-off locations found throughout the wasteland that have little importance to the overall plot have seen the bulk of this focus, which has allowed us to further populate the wasteland with points of interest.”

Fallout 4 New Vegas Aims to Recreate Fallout New Vegas Inside Fallout 4

The 3D team, on the other hand, appears to be hard at work creating new mod assets; “Focus has continued to be placed on worldspace assets, with additional work on weapons carrying on alongside. It’s been fantastic to see the positive response the 10mm SMG has garnered, and it’s always great to see the feedback and excitement many of you have chosen to share with us.” The Fallout 4: New Vegas team released the new renders for the 10mm SMG last week.

Finally, the scripting team has; “continued on the polishing and tweaking process on the completed core systems for F4NV… With the differences between the various systems from Fallout 4 that we’ve retained and the systems from Fallout: New Vegas that we’ve restored, bringing a healthy balance and natural-feeling implementation to these systems is key.”

Fallout 4: New Vegas is certainly one of the most ambitious large-scale mods around. Work-in-progress screenshots have looked very promising thus far, so fans excited for the premise; rebuilding Fallout: New Vegas in Fallout 4, should keep one eye open for further updates.