Fallout 76 BETA Update Patch Notes Show Bug Fixing is the Priority

Earlier today, Bethesda released a huge new Fallout 76 BETA update. More than half the size of the actual game, the 30 GB update went live shortly after the news that Bethesda will be extending the BETA by an extra two days. As such, gamers hoping to play more, or make use of their BETA Friend Codes, should be sure to download the update as soon as they can; the next session is tomorrow, after all! When the update launched, the patch notes were not initially available. Now they are, and we can see exactly what Bethesda is focusing on.

The Fallout 76 BETA Update Patch Notes

“Our latest B.E.T.A. patch brings performance and stability improvements,” explains Bethesda; “additional enemy balance changes, and many bug fixes to Fallout 76.”

In general, the new update brings improvements to game performance and stability overall. There are also a number of balance adjustments, principally an increase to health and damage resistance for Scorched. Super Mutants, meanwhile, have gotten the reverse treatment, seeing a decrease to both health and damage resistance. Melee damage for many enemies has been given a slight increase, especially for Mirelurks.

The Fallout 76 BETA Update Patch Notes Are Now Available

Only one small change has come to the game’s crafting system; Tomahawks and Throwing Knives now require more materials to craft. Additionally, you can no longer sell them to vendors. Interestingly, Bethesda has increased the time which players must wait before restarting a completed Event Quest to 1 hour and 12 minutes, up from 45 minutes.

However, where the update really focuses is on bug fixing. The huge new update features dozens of bug fixes in almost every area of the game. Clearly, the BETA has been a useful experience for Bethesda, and brought a large number of issues to their attention. In particular, the game’s user interface has received a wide assortment of bug fixes, ranging from improved subtitles to login error fixes and a trading bug; one which caused the game to freeze if players attempted to trade with someone as they entered power armour.