Bethesda Releases 30 GB Update for the Fallout 76 BETA

Following the news that Bethesda will be extending the Fallout 76 BETA by two additional days, the studio has released a massive update for the BETA. This new Fallout 76 BETA update is a huge 30 GB, requiring a lengthy download if players want to be ready to play in tomorrow’s 2-hour BETA session.

The Newly Released Fallout 76 BETA Update

The update is now available to download on all platforms. Fans hoping to take advantage of the newly announced Fallout 76 BETA sessions on the 6th and the 8th should definitely download it as soon as possible. If you have also recently made use of your Fallout 76 BETA Friend Codes, which can be found on, you may wish to inform your friends of the update. Tomorrow’s session is only available for 2 hours. As such, it might not be possible for some gamers to play at all if they don’t download the update ahead of time.

At present, it’s unknown what exact changes the update will bring. For an update half the size of the full game, it must change rather a lot, but as Bethesda says; “Patch notes will be made available soon”; In all likelihood, the update is likely to be full of patches for issues which have arisen during the BETA. It may well include a fix for the major bug which afflicted the PC version of the BETA last week. Some issues which have been identified by fans have been noted by Bethesda. However, the studio has said that fixes for some of these problems may have to wait until launch.

Fallout 76 BETA Update Launches Ahead of Extra Sessions

Given that Fallout 76 is set to launch on the 14th of November; it seems likely that the 8th will be the final session of the BETA. Hopefully, the new update addresses bugs and problems which some fans have complained about. This may give many fresh incentive to give the BETA another try before it concludes.