Fallout 76 Player Count on PS4 Could be Even Lower Than Suspected

My PS4 Life was recently released by Sony, giving players a way to see their 2018 trophies and top games played. However, it seems that the videos may have had an unintended side-effect; giving gamers a way to work out the player counts of games on the PS4. Figures for almost 100 games, including the Fallout 76 player count, have now been calculated by Gamstat. If accurate, it would suggest that the number of Fallout 76 players on PS4 is well below Bethesda’s expectations.

How Accurate is the Figure for PS4 Fallout 76 Player Count?

Gamstat’s methodology for working out player counts is based on two figures. One part of the My PS4 Life videos reveals both the number of people who earned certain trophies, and the percentage of total players who earned that same trophy. In the case of Fallout 76, for instance, 8.3% of players earned the “Photo Bomber” trophy. Specifically, that’s 33,764 players. As a result, it can be calculated that around 406,795 people have played Fallout 76 on PS4, if just under 34,000 constitutes 8.3% of the total player base. Given that PlayStation is currently the dominant console in the console market, that figure is likely to be higher than the player count figure on Xbox One.

Fallout 76 Player Count Even Lower Than Suspected

That figure, if accurate, is well below Bethesda’s prior claims that the game has “millions” of players. Indeed, other recent releases boast much higher figures. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has around 9.2 million, while FIFA 19 has 12.5 million. However, there’s a few things to take into account before accepting these figures as fact. Firstly, PlayStation has not confirmed the accuracy of the methodology, and is unlikely to do so. As a result, there could be factors at play which people are unaware of.

Some factors that we do know, however, is that in some cases the numbers could be region specific and not reflect the entire global audience of a particular game. Additionally, they may have been taken from a particular window in time as far back as the 20th of November; only shortly after the launch of Fallout 76. Given all of that, you should probably take the figures with a grain of salt. However, even if the exact numbers aren’t accurate, the player count is clearly below expectations; perhaps even more so than already suspected. If so, Bethesda faces an uphill battle to fix Fallout 76’s problems and regain the support of the community in 2019.