FIFA 19 eMLS Cup 2019 Results: Philadelphia Union’s doolsta Claims Championship

It took several intense battles over the past 24 hours, but one gamer ultimately emerged as the winner of the eMLS Cup 2019. That gamer was doolsta who defeated a number of tough competitors in Boston in order the claim the title. The FIFA 19 eMLS Cup 2019 results not only yielded doolsta as the overall winner but also provided two talented gamers to represent the United States.

FIFA 19 eMLS Cup 2019 results: GGGodfather, doolsta win conference finals

The eMLS Cup 2019 bracket would feature an Eastern Conference and Western Conference finals with the two winners moving on to play one another for the title. In the West, GGGodfather took on AlanAvi in a tense matchup. Ultimately, GGGodfather claimed victory by the narrowest of margins, 1-0. With that, he moved on to compete for the title.

The Eastern Conference finals provided a matchup for the ages. NYC_Chris and Series One winner doolsta faced off in what became the match of the tournament. The two players would go back and forth matching one another. Each time Chris would claim a lead, doolsta found a way to even things up. Extra time was needed and then eventually penalty kicks. The two gamers continued to match each other until eventually Chris’ kick straight up the middle didn’t fool doolsta. Tim Howard blocked the shot and doolsta claimed the win to move to the finals.

FIFA 19 eMLS Cup 2019 results: doolsta captures title

It was Western Conference champion GGGodfather of the LA Galaxy versus Eastern Conference champion doolsta of the Philadelphia Union. The finals would feature two legs to determine the eMLS Cup 201 results for champion.

The first leg ended up as a draw with neither gamer able to come up with any goals. In the second leg, GGGodfather pulled ahead early thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo. Just before the half, doolsta matched that with his Cristiano Ronaldo to tie things up. Ronaldo would provide the game-winner for doolsta’s side, scoring in the 75th minute. With that, the Philadelphia Union’s doolsta claimed the eMLS Cup win giving him $25,000 along with 850 FIFA Global Series Points.

GGGodfather and doolsta will also get represent the USA at FIFA eNations Cup in London starting on April 13 and 14. They’ll compete in individual and group matches as part of Group B with the United States. That gives them just a few weeks to settle down from this latest excitement and get back on the sticks to represent the US!

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