FIFA 19 Premier League Team of the Season Revealed: Mohammed Salah, Sergio Aguero Amongst FUT Lineup

On Friday, EA Sports FIFA revealed their brand new Team of the Season. It boasts the best players from the past season in Premier League football. Headlining the FIFA 19 Premier League TOTS are Mohammed Salah and Eden Hazard. While these two players own the top cards, there are also highly-rated cards for Sergio Aguero, Virgil van Dijk, and Raheem Sterling, among others. Let’s dive into who all is on the new FIFA 19 Premier League Team of the Season.

FIFA 19 Premier League Team of the Season: Salah, Aguero, and other top-rated cards

Eden Hazard is the clear leader of the pack with a 98 card, but there are plenty of others. We’ve seen him in Team of the Week before, and now Mohammed Salah receives a 97 overall rating on his newest card for TOTS. Salah’s previous best cards were a 90-rated FUT Birthday card and his 91 FUT Champion Leagues Man of the Match card. His new card brings 98 Pace, 98 Dribbling, 97 Shooting, and 94 Passing amongst his best attributes. FIFA unveiled a hype video below to show off the stars.

Six players received 96 overall cards and rightfully so. Joining Salah on the attack are Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling. Also earning a 96 overall card is Eriksen and PFA Player of the Year, Virgil van Dijk. No player has lower than a 93 on the starting XI with Fernandinho’s 93 card the lowest of the group. 

Check out the “nearly” complete FIFA Premier League TOTS below:

As seen above, other stars include 96-rated Sadio Mane, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who are both shown amongst the substitutes and reserves. However, there are some individuals still MIA, and that’s not even mentioning players that gamers felt were snubbed by FIFA 19’s Team of the Season.

More FIFA 19 TOTS players on the way, where to get them all

There are three more TOTS players who will join this Premier League lineup. These players are likely coming in the next several days via FUT objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Some FUT gamers already guessed that Declan Rice and Diane will be two of the players added.

Soon after TOTS reveal, West Ham announced that Rice will be in the lineup:

Gamers can find most of these new FIFA 19 Team of the Season player cards in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs as of 6 p.m. UK time. Additionally, these players are on the transfer market but will cost considerably more, depending on which cards you’re going for.

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