FIFA 20 Ball Physics to Bring More Realistic, Natural Gameplay

When EA Sports’ FIFA 20 title arrives to fans to play, it will have a number of new, noticeable gameplay aspects. One of those relates to the ways in which the ball moves in the game. This is referred to as FIFA 20 Ball Physics and should really make things different in terms of the look and feel in terms of passing, scoring, and the overall gameplay. Here are more details on what EA has in store for the FIFA 20 game with this update.

What does FIFA 20 Ball Physics mean?

The FIFA 20 Ball Physics aspect of gameplay involves completely changing up the way the ball moves and reacts to players, kicks, and objects including the field. This new feature will put a different spin on passes, blocks, and shots, literally. There are two aspects which EA points out as related to FIFA 20 Ball Physics: Football-Informed Motion and New Shot Trajectories.

Football-informed motion will give more realistic ball movement. That will include “more authentic spins and bounces” for a “true-to-life match experience.” It will probably have gamers adjusting to the new feel for a while to get their passes or shooting styles down.

The system for taking and making shots will also be impacted by FIFA 20 Ball Physics. Among the new shot trajectories that players will see are curling shots, dipping free kicks, knuckleballs, and first-time rising strikes. It should provide even more strategies for gamers to attack their opponents.

FIFA re-released a video clip which was part of their larger gameplay trailer. It specifically shows off the FIFA 20 Ball Physics in action.

Another interesting aspect of the FIFA 20 Ball Physics is mentioned in the gameplay pitch notes. They indicate the new system allows for different ball types to have unique physics in the game. In particular, they mention this is going to be associated with VOLTA Football gameplay. More details on that particular gameplay are forthcoming according to EA.

The ball trajectory on passes and shots will have noticeable differences now. They even note that rougher pitches will increase the ball’s trajectory. The bottom line is EA is looking to make FIFA 20 feel as realistic as possible. By updating the ball physics, it should make every little bounce the ball takes that much more meaningful.¬†

The new FIFA 20 game arrives for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as of September 27. There is also early availability for select pre-orders. They’ll arrive three days earlier than the wide scale launch.

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