FIFA 22 Numbers Up Guide: How the Adidas Promo Works in Ultimate Team

A brand new promotion called FIFA 22 Numbers Up has arrived in Ultimate Team which gives specific attribute boosts to certain players. The program, which is in conjunction with Adidas, will run through the season. Over the course of the season, players will receive a boost to a certain attribute based on the type of boot they’re associated with. We’ve got the FIFA 22 Numbers Up details for how the program will work for your FUT players.

FIFA 22 Numbers Up players include Hummels, Felix, Ter Stegen

The FIFA 22 Numbers Up program launched with 11 players, each of whom is associated with certain Adidas shoes. Those players were revealed for FIFA Ultimate Team on Friday, November 12. They included Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels, Atletico de Madrid’s Joao Felix, and Barcelona’s Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. See all 11 in the image below.

Each of these players’ cards already has some decent attributes, but they will get better. They’ll get specific attribute boosts over the course of the season. That’s due to their association with the Adidas shoes listed to the left of them. More about how that works below.

All of these players’ cards can be seen via the FUTHEAD database, which includes a full look at each player’s attributes and other essential details. More cards are also expected to be released as part of the ongoing promotion in FIFA’s Ultimate Team. That could include Squad Building Challenges or Objectives to earn player items.

How does the program work in Ultimate Team?

As shown in the image above, FIFA 22 Numbers Up launched with three Adidas Copa players, five Adidas X players, and three Adidas Predator players. Those associations are the key since these are the boots these players wear on the real-life pitch. In FIFA 22, they’ll receive an attribute boost based on that shoe.

Players with the Copa boot receive upgrades to their Passing attribute. The players with the Predator will get either Dribbling (field players) or Handling (goalkeepers). Players with the X will get upgrades in the Pace department. 

By the end of the promo, the player’s particular attribute will eventually reach a 99 rating. These players will receive other attribute boosts too, but only to a smaller degree. It’s also worth noting that these cards won’t move up to a 99 OVR rating, just the specific attribute.

There will be another upgrade coming at the end of December, and then a third and final one arrives in 2022. That final upgrade pushes the player’s specific attribute to the 99. It’s set to arrive at the end of April 22.

The good news with this promo is that should a player suffer an unfortunate injury or no longer become associated with the Adidas shoe in real life, it won’t affect their upgrades in FIFA 22.

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