FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Features Under the Spotlight in Trailer, Deep Dive Notes

The popular Ultimate Team mode is set to return for EA’s FIFA 22 with upgrades and changes! With FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, gamers are able to design their dream lineups of star players and compete to unlock rewards. The upcoming title will feature several additions such as further options for stadium customization, new competitive season structures, and more.

EA’s FIFA 22 Ultimate Team trailer debuts

EA dropped the official trailer for their FIFA 22 video game mode Ultimate Team on Tuesday, August 10. It features about four minutes of footage previewing what’s to come in this year’s Ultimate Team. Aaron McHardy, FIFA Executive Producer and Azlan Mustapha, FUT Producer guided fans through the latest changes coming to the mode.

Check out the video trailer below to get an overview of some of the new aspects of FUT including Division Rivals, FUT Champions, Stadium Customization, and Co-Op Public Matchmaking.

The video covers all of the big changes to the “competitive landscape” including Division Rivals, Elite Division, and more. Read on for details about some of these upcoming additions to the game.

What are the mode’s new features?

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will include a new seasonal progression with Division Rivals. With this, gamers can take their skills online against the FUT Community. Basically, winning matches brings new stages, ranks, and divisions with weekly rewards. This competitive structure resets with each new season of FUT 22.

In addition to the seasonal progression, there’s also the new Elite Division. This allows for the more skilled players to compete and improve their skill ratings and positions on a leaderboard. Not only are rewards available but a spot at FIFA Global Series is also available for those who can qualify.

Co-Op Public Matchmaking is also coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Gamers can team up with other members from FUT Community and then use a custom squad against other duos in FUT Friendlies.

FUT Stadium customization will bring more options including a new VIP Area and “enhanced crowd elements” such as Flags, Cards, and Banners. Last but not least, FUT Heroes are back. See about the pre-order offer on those in the section below.

Along with the trailer above, EA dropped Deep Dive Notes. These notes help introduce the new features of the model, with a more in-depth discussion of what’s on the way.

FUT Heroes promotion ends Aug. 11

A FIFA 22 pre-order promotion has been available to get a special FUT 22 Heroes card. Gamers who pre-order the game, they’ll receive special bonus content including a FUT Heroes Player item from December 1.

EA Sports FIFA has been revealing the various FUT Heroes on Twitter including Ivan Ramiro Cordoba (below), Joe Cole, Freddie Ljungberg, Jürgen Kohler, and more.

This offer is available for pre-orders until August 11th, giving a small window of time to lock it in.

EA’s FIFA 22 video game officially arrives on October 1, 2021, for the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Google Stadia. However, it’s available earlier on September 27, 2021, for those pre-orders.

In addition, EA Play members can get the FIFA 22 game even earlier with a membership. There’s also a 10 percent discount on the price. See more details here for how to get a membership for that discount and start playing up to a week early!

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