The World of Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus

As Fire Emblem: Three Houses nears its July release date it’s important for fans of the series to get comfortable with the new world they will be setting foot in. Fódlan is home to three different noble houses across its face. One such house has not lost touch with its royal roots and maintains an air of dignity with each breath: The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

The Holy Kingdom and Its Royal Family

In the dead cold of the northern region of Fódlan rests the ages-old Kingdom of Faerghus. Ruled over by a monarchy and protected by a loyal order of knights, the Holy Kingdom offers fans a more classic depiction of a feudal European rule. Knights, loyalty, honor, and of course an heir to inherit the entire rule.

The Leader of the Blue Lions

Said heir is none other than Prince Dmitri Alexandre Blaiddyd. With a lineage as long as his name, the Blaiddyds have been ruling over Faerghus for quite some time. So much time in fact, that the kingdom’s capital is their namesake. But the legacy the Holy Kingdom has ties not only to the land they hold, but their students who are trained at the Officer’s Academy.

The Heir to the Royal Kingdom of Faerghus Dmitri

Dmitri is the leader of the Blue Lions, a house whose roots rest as deeply in knighthood as the Holy Kingdom’s. Due to this Dmitri’s weapon of choice is a lance, much like the others who are a part of the house. The pure picture of chivalry, the clean-cut blonde young man even looks like he should be the heir to some grand lineage. However, this distinguished demeanor is apparently plagued by a darkness that lurks beneath the surface.

Another prominent figure in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is a young man by the name of Dedue. Stoic and distinguished like his comrade Dmitri, Dedue actually owes the young prince a life debt. Thus he has sworn his every waking moment to the protection of Dmitri’s life. While not a member of the royal family, it’s clear that Dedue has close ties to the Blaiddyds in some way.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch this July 26. While details are fairly sparse surrounding the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, it’s certain that more information will come to light in the next couple months. For now, take the time to consider which house you want to lead in tutelage and battle.