Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces the Blue Lions

As Nintendo finally decides to market Fire Emblem: Three Houses here in the west, fans are finally getting more information on the game. Last week’s introduction to the Black Eagles had their leader Edelgard welcome herself and some of her housemates to the fray. New character details and a brief look at their homeland has fans abuzz.

Honor, Chivalry, & Justice

This video begins with an introduction from the Blue Lions house leader Dimitri Alexandre Blaidydd; and finally an answer as to how to pronounce his last name. The prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Dimitri clearly harbors love and admiration for his housemates. Even though he is childhood friends with several of the members, he holds each Blue Lion in high regard for their various qualities.

The first student to be introduced is his right-hand man Dedue, who has pledged his life in the service of protecting Dimitri. Though the large young man may seem intimidating, he really just enjoys a simple afternoon in the garden. Sylvain is the house womanizer and close childhood friend of Dimitri’s. Ingrid, yet another childhood friend, is held in high regard by Dimitri thanks to her dedication and knightly qualities.

It should be noted that at the end of the video Dimitri claims “… the Blue Lions walk the true path of justice. This is worth mentioning because in the Three Houses E3 trailer post time skip Edelgard, the leader of the Black Eagles states, “… we have no choice but to eliminate those who cling to cling to unreasonable ideas of justice.” Could this mean the Adrestian Empire and the Holy Kingdom will face off in the war following the five-year leap in time?

There are so many more students in the Blue Lions of course, but here fans got a taste of a few more. Hopefully, this gives players a glimpse as to who they will select as the game’s release date draws closer. Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on July 26.