Fortnite Players Can Now Enjoy Personalized Recap Videos

When Fortnite players wrap up a season, they have a chance to take a look at their stats in a recap image. Now, it looks like Epic Games is taking things to a new level with some awesome new personalized recap videos for Season 6.

The New Fortnite Recap Videos Look Pretty Epic

Here are the static images which we are used to seeing when we wrap up a season in Fortnite:

Reading through the stats is always pretty cool, but now Epic is presenting the roundup data in a much more exciting way.

Not everyone qualifies for a recap video. As Epic describes here, “Didn’t get your personalized video? You had to: own the Battle Pass, complete at least 20 weekly challenges and be subscribed to our newsletters. To subscribe to our newsletters, log in to and click the signup button in the footer! If you are qualified and sign up now, we will send you your video in the next few days.”

So don’t delay. Sign up for one of Epic’s newsletters if you haven’t yet. If you meet the rest of the criteria to qualify for a Fortnite Season 6 recap video, you will receive one shortly.

Will Fortnite continue to offer these recap videos in the future? Hopefully! They are much more engaging than the static images, that’s for sure. They provide a fun look back at the action of the Season.

With Season 7 live now, there is a lot going on in Fortnite every day. Keep up with all of our Fortnite news. We especially recommend that you take a look at the leaked Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Challenges. The sooner you familiarize yourself with the Challenges, the sooner you can tackle them when Week 2 goes live. This will give you your best shot at qualifying for a recap video at the end of this Season!