Fortnite Players Want Epic to Change Building in the Game

Fortnite Battle Royale’s building system is what separates it from other battle royale games. While in other games players have to look for natural cover, in Fortnite they have to build their own. The game revolves around building and this skill is mostly what separates good players from the rest of the pack.

Building mechanics have gone through numerous changes throughout Fortnite’s history. However, players would like Epic Games to change building even more and make it less confusing. One player has recently made a suggestion about a building change that may be implemented in the future.

This Fortnite building change would be great

Reddit user SirDuckDee has posted a suggestion of what he would like Fortnite building to be like. More specifically, his suggested change is about taking walls from an enemy, which is very important in competitive games. The Reddit user proposed a building change which would make walls flash in different colors according to who owns them. If a player owns a wall, it would flash blue, while the flash would be red if an enemy owns it.

At the moment, the flash is the same for both friendly and enemy walls, which makes things confusing. The only way players can spot the ownership of a wall is by looking at edit controls that appear on it. If the controls are missing, it means that the wall belongs to an enemy.

Considering that every millisecond is essential in competitive play, the proposed change would allow Fortnite players to react even quicker. Epic Games has implemented a similar change in the past. Back when traps were in the game, the game developer put a subtle blue color on friendly traps to indicate the side they belong to.

Fortnite building change has been proposed by players.
Fortnite building change has been proposed by players.

The community likes the suggestion

The Reddit user has received mostly positive feedback on his suggestion post. His video was upvoted more than 1,400 times and many other players have agreed with his proposal.

Several players have complained about relying on the edit controls to show up, which is a valid complaint. With a lot of things happening at once, it’s hard to lose track of wall ownership, which is why the suggested change should be implemented.

Epic Games has not commented on the post yet. However, considering that a couple of developers visit the game subreddit, they are most likely aware of the post.