Fortnite’s Biggest-Ever Update Coming Next Week, Epic Games Confirms

Fortnite players will finally receive a massive update next week. Epic Games has confirmed that the release of UEFN, also known as Creative 2.0, will take place in just a few days.

Considering how amazing this update is going to be, it’s no surprise that many players are excited about it. It will completely change the game and allow talented players to create astonishing custom maps.

This article will reveal everything you need to know about the upcoming update. We will also take a look at all of the features that will come with it.

Fortnite’s upcoming update will completely change the game

The big update will be released on Wednesday, March 22. It’s important to note that the update won’t require players to update their clients. Instead, it will be a separate tool that will allow players to create incredible maps.

Creative 2.0 will allow creators to import their custom 3D models, animations, and much more. It will completely change the game since a lot of players will use it to bring the old map back. Furthermore, creators will be able to re-create other video games within Fortnite.

The next update will completely change the game (Image via Epic Games)

When Unreal Editor for Fortnite comes out, it will only be available on PC. Epic Games may release it to consoles at some point, although it’s almost impossible for this to happen. The editor is very complex and requires a lot of processing power to run. Furthermore, using it with a controller would be very difficult.

Here are some of the biggest features of the new update:

  • Creating custom content
  • Importing textures, audio and animations
  • Creating VFX effects
  • Designing gameplay
  • Building new landscapes
  • Collaborating live with other players

There will be many other features with the Fortnite editor, which is what makes it very exciting.